Federal Ministry of Education and Research - BMBF

"The future belongs to those who do something." - Bettina Stark-Watzinger, Federal Minister of Education and Research

Research for Sustainable Development (FONA)

With the FONA strategy published at the end of 2020, the BMBF has aligned its research funding for climate protection and greater sustainability with the United Nations' 2030 Agenda. The FONA Strategy focuses on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and formulates three strategic goals to which research can make a decisive contribution. 

"AI application hub on plastic packaging - sustainable circular economy through artificial intelligence"

The object of the funding is an AI application hub consisting of two innovation labs (KIOptiPack, K3I-Cycling) with all relevant stakeholders from business, science and society to research and develop applications of AI for the realisation of a sustainable circular economy for plastic packaging based on a relevant use case.

„KMU-innovativ: Resource efficiency and climate protection“

With the funding measure "KMU-innovativ: Resource efficiency and climate protection, raw material efficiency", the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is pursuing the goal of strengthening the innovation potential of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of cutting-edge research and making research funding under the "Research for Sustainable Development" (FONA³) programme more attractive, especially for SMEs submitting their first applications.

Plastics-related projects:
decoTEX – Challenges in back-to-monomer recycling: separation of colours, finishes and other contaminants
KIKS – Development of a digital platform for the efficient development of sustainable plastics and increasing the material recycling rate using physics-informed neural networks
LoopAdd – Controlled recirculation of plastic powder for selective laser-sintering through inline analytics, powder preparation and adaptive process control